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SmartSound’s Happy Royalty Free Music swings along through countless genres from kid stuff to country to retro.  Dance to it, drive to it, or just grin ear to ear, but no sad faces will be left behind.   

A few strong “Heys” from the chorus keep the fun from being completely electronic in Hella Fun from album Phat Grooves.  You can almost see everyone on the dance floor making those flat circles with their fists to match gyrating hips.  Pure hip-hop, this track almost yells ‘flash mob’ since everyone will know the moves, and moving is what it’s all about for this lively urban scene!

Featured Happy Royalty Free Music

Hella Fun

Lemon Yellow

Venture Out

Have We Met

All Join In

Pop Rock Lemon Yellow dances rather than chugs along.  Expansive lighter vocal “Aaahs” bring in the human element in this refreshing song from Pop Culture that spreads pure sunshine.  Put it On Hold if you know your listeners will already be looking forward to talking with you, or Product Videos for items that will not be a hard sell anyway.  Otherwise, such extreme cheerfulness might be a little disconcerting.

From the same album, Venture Out sports the intriguing technique of pizzicato (plucking the strings of a stringed instrument with fingers rather than using a bow or pick) keeping the sound light, delicate and unique.  The outdoorsy tune definitely lends itself to scenes of traveling by non-mechanical means—walking, biking, roller-blading, all with a sense of gentle adventure.

Home Cooking provides music for a delightful after-dinner stroll with violin-heavy, old-fashioned Have We Met.  This Jazz Combo track with clarinet sounds right out of the 20’s when life was taken pretty whimsically after the sad years of the war.  Use this song for Biographies or Home Videos as well as flapper scenes.

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Zoom to any decade in the last 50 years for the Country/Folk classic sound of All Join In from Nashville Pickin’.  All the good-timing Southern-inspired instruments from pedal steel to electric guitar to driving drums are there, in this lively track, ready to roll out for a road trip or upbeat documentary footage

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