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SmartSound’s selection of Haunting Video Game Music will give your video game that scary feeling, or it might be used to create even more suspense when needed.

Featured Haunting Video Game Music

Obscure Memories

Tormented Heroes

The Sin

Epic Fantasy

Look to Cinematic Exploration for a breathtaking array of instrumental selections with its hypnotic, ominous and soul-searching sounds featuring cellos, pianos, synthesizers, choirs and orchestras. Left alone in a dark and locked room and wondering who’s going to open the door? Check out Obscure Memories and listen up to this hauntingly sad orchestra whose sinister sounds build into a crescendo of worry and suspense before returning to its original hypnotically pensive sound.

Need more? Consider the ominous and suspenseful beginning of Tormented Heroes as it evolves into a pulsating, scary and action-packed instrumental before reaching a driving, impactful and suspenseful end.

Sinful Synthesizers UniteThe world of synthesizers comes to life with The Sin as the electronic synthesizer unloads sinister sinfulness. Ominous and brooding electronic music drives the theme as a world of imaginary and miraculous sounds are created on the keys.

Imagine the man in the dark and long overcoat; hat tipped low, tucked in the alley, eyes glancing furtively about as this dark, brooding, intense music of Epic Fantasy plays to his insecurities and doubts. The marching piano creates a dramatic backdrop to the stranger’s nighttime wanderings.

Compelling CellosEveryone loves cello and this one doesn’t disappoint as rich cello and emotional guitar sounds are the backdrop for the haunting, ethereal mood of Obscure Memories. The song modulates and evolves creating compelling forward motion for any scene requiring an intense backdrop.

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All tracks are available in 15, 30 and 60-second increments as well as any custom lengths of your choosing. Additional customization features allows this dark and brooding music to perfectly complement your song, scene or video.

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