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Listening to heartwarming music can have a great positive effect on your listener’s day and there’s no better place than SmartSound’s immense music library to do just that. Here are just some of the songs that will melt your listener’s hearts and have them yearning for more:

Featured Heartwarming Music

Leaving Home

Fragile Dream

Back to Me

Love and Regret — Romantic


There are few emotions that are stronger than Leaving Home, which coincidentally is also the name of one of our featured songs. This tune is a comforting piano feature that can support those long, emotional goodbyes through a bittersweet orchestral farewell. Its album, Sunday Matinee is comprised of heartwarming ballads and stirring symphonic journeys, designed for family-friendly storytelling. This filmic collection provides a host of essential backdrop styles including melancholy, whimsical, and magical.

Similarly, the Tender Moments album contains subtly orchestrated tracks that exhibit a variety of tender emotions: pensiveness, quiet, personal hope, introspective playfulness, quiet strength, soft redemption and more. Lightly orchestrated with simple piano, light strings and an occasional woodwind, use Sonicfire Pro’s Mood Mapping feature to reduce texture for a more fragile and touching story line. One of its key songs, Fragile Dream has a strong, descending string line that is juxtaposed with an ascending flute line, creating a backdrop ideal for two strong characters. A solo piano interlude establishes a steady yet subtle determination, which resolves to a restatement of the opening adjacent string and flute lines to bring our two characters back for a final statement.

Fronted by the heartfelt voice of Jesse Ray Smith, this debut album showcases the group’s infectious, hook-based, Americana style songs. The Jesse Ray and Blind Optimism album delivers an evocative and memorable performance that will support any contemporary video with drama, passion and believability. A feature song, Back to Me is a haunting story built on a country-pop waltz, with a strong build in the chorus, sung with passion and emotion.

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With humble beginnings, the piece Love and Regret — Romantic doesn’t take long to blossom into a soaring, fully-orchestrated romantic opus. Works well with ‘Love & Regret Title’ and ‘Love & Regret-Drama’. Its album, Themes & Scenarios, is a collection of orchestral soundtracks with running themes. Each group of three tracks takes a motif through various settings. Whether your project is for romantic, comedy, or dramatic features, it will be professionally scored with a common melodic thread.

Lastly, the album Melancholy Moments provides thoughtful music for moments of deep contemplation. Use these tracks to give your productions a delicate and pensive feel as one of its songs, Corinne, does. This beautiful song pairs big, broad orchestral melodies with delicate piano and is great for scenes of tender romance. 

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