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Orchestral Hues is a fantastic album ripe with 10 flowing and thoughtful tracks. Take For Love of Country for a spin and enjoy this proud and patriotic track with its hopeful and inspiring feel. For Love of Country is solemn, touching and reflective with weeping strings, gentle bells and flute. Breathless-NT is another excellent choice with delicate and gentle strings and woodwinds that lend a romantic air to this emotionally appealing track. Also consider Third Day—a delicate and gentle melody that’s atmospheric and ethereal with tender and touching strings and soft bells. Softly poignant music like Third Day is a wonderful choice for a tribute or memorial.

Majesty in MusicMagical Moments is another album with solid orchestral tracks that will pluck your audience’s heartstrings. First up is Majestic Vision with a full orchestra that creates an effervescent, fresh and passionate feel to the piece as it ebbs and flows with a hopeful and refreshing spirit. The album has many other awesome tracks but consider Raindrop Dance if you need an inspiring and heartwarming track that’s motivating and refreshing with elegant orchestral effects and Magical Encounter for a hypnotic, innocent, intimate heartwarming song that soars with passion and wonder.

Heartwarming orchestral music tracks are ideal for just about every type of production or scene that exists. SmartSound’s award winning, royalty free patented music technology allows you to customize soundtracks in infinite ways. Our goal is to offer you royalty free music that is truly unique to your project—every time.


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