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SmartSound’s Heartwarming Royalty Free Pop Music brings it together, fleshing out all that is heartwarming in terms of uplifting, positive and motivating, with Rock’s happy-go-lucky offspring, Pop Music. 

From Jangle Pop comes sweet, expansive ballad, True Desire, which starts out quietly and pensively with Indie guitar riffs.  It’s then joined unobtrusively by string beds, like two opposites attracting each other, but still tentative.  Pop Rock and strings make for a great relationship and this track turns up the joy fast, building to the climax of the story just in time for a Short Film. 

Featured Heartwarming Royalty Free Pop Music


Back To Me

Big Picture

Juliet Is Only Sleeping

Small Town Girl

Striving Olympic Hopeful from album High Octane (PS27) follows a similar pattern, but with a more rock-oriented approach that lends itself well to sports and other competitive scenes.  The years of practice are behind us; now it’s time to go for the gold with this inspiring track from Jason Bradley Livesay.

Get right into the pop with relaxed Southern Touch from Independent Nature (PS29.) Guitar is the star for this light song, full of Southern hospitality.  Commercials and Indie Films will benefit from its calm, warmhearted, yet uplifting energy.

Homespun Guitar with unique orchestral elements makes To the Heart an easy-going ballad suitable for Spoken Word/Narration or Tribute/Memorial projects.  Echoing the valuable attitude, “It’s all good, even when it’s bad” when it comes to life’s experiences.  This lyrical piece conveys a hopeful note to back up the story and lend credibility to the idea that we do the best we can; a fitting  footnote to most any biography.

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Uplifting Ideas and hopeful themes are right at home with atmospheric Ray of Light.  Combining ethereal elements, with steady, strutting beat, this track offers assurance to the listener/viewer.  For Corporate projects, Commercials, on On-Hold music, its smooth jazz style sets the tone. 

Heartwarming music makes the most emotional impact when following scenes of pensive, or sad outcome.  Smartsound’s Royalty Free Pop Music selections offer the atmosphere your project needs, from tender and touching to striving and exultant, whether you need a quick transition or a slow build to a positive result.

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