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Video games often include a heroic protagonist that takes on the bad guys and rescues the day. SmartSound’s music library featuring heroic video game music will encapsulate that feeling and help your listeners feel as though they’re along for the adventure. Here’s just a small sample of what we have to offer in that genre:

Featured Heroic Video Game Music

Heroic Fantasy

Epic Chronicle

The Torment of a Warrior

Night Strike

Kill Zone

Appropriately-named track Heroic Fantasy is a thoroughly modern blend of orchestra and contemporary sounds with sweeping choir, punctuated by a futuristic percussion track. Its album, Cinematic Exploration allows listeners to experience a masterful collection of superb, rich and nuanced orchestral writing for cinema from one of SmartSound’s most popular composers. Additionally, diverse cinematic moods are depicted throughout this album featuring live orchestra.

Thematic strength and melodic interplay between cues make it easy to produce a cohesive dramatic film score throughout a wide range of emotion and cinematic context with the album Craig Stuart Garfinkle Vol 1 – Emotive & Dramatic. In it is a great track to lay down for your hero named Epic Chronicle. It is defined by heavy percussion and strong string sections that will create dramatic tension before and/or during your epic battle scene.

A somber beginning yields to a very powerful track, and may find your character searching for something otherworldly in the song The Torment of a Warrior. Its album, Beauty & Strength contains music that ranges from heart-breaking to heart-pounding. There are exceptional orchestral pieces for film, TV and documentary, in Multi-Layer for use with Mood Mapping in Sonicfire Pro Software and the Mood control in SmartSound’s Cloud technology, Quicktracks. This superbly written album offers a rich, varied orchestral tapestry with which you can weave almost any imaginable visual mood.

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The next track, Night Strike is filled with choir and orchestral hits – this massively building score pairs well with climactic battle scenes. As you will get with any of the great albums of the same composer, Amotz Plessner & Friends Vol 5 – Rise to Power delivers broad emotion and high-powered energy that define this album of ‘big’ tracks produced for orchestra, chorus, heavy percussion and effects. The music ascends from percolating underscore to the heights of cinematic action and is perfect for your action hero.

Lastly, Kill Zone is an action-filled ride is just right for your next trailer or video game.  Blockbuster action and trailer music that delivers big-budget impact define both the track as well as its album Orchestral Impact (PS32). These heavy hitting tunes will make your action-adventures jump to life on any size screen.

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