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House Call features pulsating music beds in a variety of House styles. These rhythmic tracks propel live guitars, cerebral synths and cool, sophisticated drums with the occasional live vocal or sax to create an authentic club sound. Use our Timing Control feature to precisely locate these multi-layer beats for your creative needs, and bring the House down.

Athena’s Groove

An straight-ahead, dance-ready house groove, ideal for night life club scenes.

Buck The Trend

Funky and jazzy sax statements hold court in this upbeat dance delight. Can work with positive and fun footage as well as night life.

Celebrate Tonight

A dance number with pure house roots, straight from the clubs. Features vocals.

Crave The Cool

Slick and styling, this fusion-esque club-inspired chill track can add a cool sophistication to your presentation. Great as a general positive background.

Double Luscious

Feel the cool breeze waft over you with this smooth and slick jazz guitar feature. A chill-out experience your scenes will thank you for.

Hard Midnight

Driving and striving, this pulsing house number will pump the energy to the edge. Give it a spin in your next competitive sequence.

Interstellar Jam

This energetic club-ready track wants to be out front and in the spotlight. Superb with high-energy editing and night-life excitement.

Just Move It

An edgy and driving foray into the dance-club scene. Quirky pulsing electronics propel the groove into the future.

Off The Grid

Frenetic synths pummel the dance floor with energy to spare. Great for competitive and technological subject matter.


Grab hold of the night with this forward-moving house track. Swirly lead lines take the groove to new heights.

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