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Just like Country Rock found a lot of fans in the Boomer College years for its ability to blend two popular sounds, Indie/Country music from SmartSound expands the reach of both genres for the 21st century.

Featured Indie Country Music

Country Twang


Walking Down the City

Country Memories

Golden Rays

Electric Guitar warbles around with genuine Country Twang for Aesthetics: New Rock.  You’d almost swear there might be pedal steel in there in this amiable outing.  The steady beat cruises along with some mandolin tweaks chiming in from time to time; a perfect background for road trip scenes that heat up towards the middle then taper back. 

Jesse Smith and Blind Optimism tell a story of delayed loyalty that took some distance to discover, in heartwarming Anchored.  “I traveled half way round the world…hoping to find some clarity.…All I could find, was you anchored to my soul.”  A steady beat, and vocal intensity leave room to tell the story. 

From Lighter Side, comes a hopeful, refreshing track complete with whistling that manages to capture both Indie and Country sensibilities, Walking Down the City.  Use it for commercials, or other scenes where that which has been down in the dumps is now revived and frisky.  Check out variations such as Fresh air, Brand New Day, and Move Forward

Like a courtly gentleman dancing sedately with the one whose heart he has nearly won, Country Memories from Almost Unplugged glistens with lyrical, touching Country Band sound.  The easy-going pace of this all-natural track lends itself to many venues from Spoken Word/Narration to Short Film to On-Hold music.  Violins star steadily throughout.

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The Golden Rays of the rising sun gather and swell gently in this leisurely track from the same album.  Acoustic guitars prevail, along with grace notes from the piano dropping in like pearls.  Nature films and Indie films would benefit from the outdoorsy ambience

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