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Inspirational sports music is a common need for a lot of videographers, whether for kids’ home games or Best Fails compilations. SmartSound offers many options when searching for royalty-free music to accompany video scenes, ranging from songs of tragic defeat, triumphant underdog victories, to just plain fun.

Featured Inspirational Sports Music


Unchallenged Victory

Let’s Shake Things Up

Outro B

Olympic Bed

  • Limitless from the album, Thrive, is a great track for any upbeat sports training video, but also works very well for sports product videos. With a studio orchestra and electric bass & guitar, take it as-is or tailor it further with the track’s whopping 13 different instrument mixes.
  • For a lively, inspirational song to add excitement to a sports montage, consider Unchallenged Victory from the album, Updraft. This pop/rock track features not just electric bass, guitar, and keyboard, it also adds depth with synthesizer and ukulele, which gives the song a great, uplifting quality.
  • Meanwhile, the bluesy Let’s Shake Things Up, off of Black & Blue, is a bold and punchy song perfect for scenes of high drama — the winning home run, the mighty comeback. Of course it has all the instruments you’d expect from its bluesy Indie Rock style, but videographers and producers can easily make the same track fit a variety of scenes with its 16 different combinations of variations and instrument mixes.
  • Let’s say a scene really nails “the true testament of the human spirit” and the underdogs triumph, despite all the odds, or the differently-abled kid gets a touchdown. Really, any powerful, competitive scene. In that case, Outro B from Reality Drama TV is the perfect fit. This full studio orchestral rises into a crescendo of ultimate victory that will get viewers emotionally engaged and excited.
  • Olympic Bed from the album Orchestral Drama — Light and Dark (PS65) is another kind of song altogether. With to this track, your viewers will feel in their bones the epic action and drama that is about to occur. Two champions step into the ring. Rival teams are about to battle to the bitter end… The orchestral instrumentation of this track screams drama and action, and will have viewers on the edge of their seats.
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With SmartSound’s thousands of royalty-free music tracks and award-winning technology, it becomes easy to find just the right track, and then make it even better through Variations and Instrument Mixes that adjust everything from tempo to tone, as well as helping producers perfectly fit the track to any scene length — seamlessly, quickly, and best of all, practically effortlessly.

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