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Dreamy KeysInspiring Piano Music adds a touch of hope, romance, wonder, intrigue and even danger to musical scores. Inspiring piano music can lift a hero, an Olympian or a cartoon character out of a challenging predicament. Piano music adds a beautiful layer of complexity to any production, whether piano, keys or synth, whether part of a classical orchestra or keys in a rock band—there are so many beautiful forms of background piano music that can be matched with a variety of scenes or projects.

Featured Inspiring Piano Music

Great Strides


Starting At The Top

Straight from Heaven

Moment of Truth

Great Strides, Limitless and Starting At The Top are three excellent choices for Inspiring Piano music, all found on the Thrive album. Great Strides is a fun electronica tune with a fresh, inspiring and uplifting  beat. Use Great Strides to deliver your commercial, product video or corporate communication with its fresh, happy feel. Limitless is energetic, exciting and inspirational and will add a touch of confidence and motivation to projects. Limitless soars with singing strings and gentle bells for a mystical feel. Starting at the Top marries the warmth of cello and violin to sweet chimes and a tender piano for a lively, triumphant and hopeful track that soars to a dynamic crescendo.

Inspiring MusicStraight from Heaven on Updraft joins an inspiring piano melody with special effects to create a spirited, motivating and punchy track. Its uplifting tone is ideal background music for an outdoor, nature or even science production. Synthesizer, and electric guitar and bass, join the ivories for a powerful and inspiring track. You’ll also find Moment of Truth on the album Updraft and it’s a pensive, pulsating and touching track with lively piano, synth, strings and a soft, tranquil harp.


Many musical soundtracks include Inspiring Piano Music for the varied effects, moods and feelings the magical ivory keys evoke when heard. Whether an orchestral composition, electronica, country or hard rock, background tracks featuring inspiring piano music make great background music. Spin around the SmartSound library where you’ll find our customizable soundtracks are the very best royalty free, background music available.

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