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When it comes to Instrumental Royalty Free Action Music, SmartSound has an incredible selection that will give your production that punch you’ve been looking for. Perfect for movie trailers and video games, this selection provides an astonishing combination of heavy percussion building up to orchestral finishes that delivers that action packed scene you have always wanted in your project.

Featured Instrumental Action music

Racing Hordes

The 6 to Nowhere


Been There Done That

Alien Matrix

Speaking of that orchestral build up, Racing Hordes from the album Amotz Plessner & Friends Vol 3 — Dynamic Scoring demonstrates an excellent climactic tone that can provide the epic build up to an exciting battle. Another track on that album provides a more calm approach to an ultimate showdown, with harmonic piano tones mixed in with synthesized beats, The 6 to Nowhere is an excellent choice for transitions.

So what happens when you need more of a historical setting, but still want to include an amazing track to go with that gladiator finish, or that epic boat battle scene you have been working on. Look no further, because Invasion from Amotz Plessner & Friends Vol 1 — Epic Drama is a great choice for this moment.

Been There Done That off the album Alternating Currents is a little less intense, yet the track does provide an exciting and “ready to go” vibe that can send any project into a progressive and involved mood. With classic guitar riffs and an upbeat attitude, it provides great opportunities for a good movie production.

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Another track that contains good instrumental guitar riffs is Alien Matrix. This and most of its album Adrenaline Rush, contain distorted but lively guitar tones. This gives that scene in your project the immediate sense that something fast paced is happening, or is about to happen.

These tracks along with the others included in the Instrumental Action music section of smartsound, will surely push your project that much closer to being a blockbuster hit. With so many tracks to choose from, Smartsound insures that you have a unique and original production

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