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Uptempo drums lead the way with A Chill in the Air from the album Core Beyond. This driving, electronic danceable track is slick and soothing with a motivating and refreshing beat. Core Beyond also boasts New Destination—an exciting, uplifting and moving track ideal for a travel documentary or product pitch. Also check out Ambling on the album Fun & Games. It’s a goofy, quirky and refreshing tune that’s simple and fun with a cool and refreshing country band.

World MusicTransport your audience to faraway lands with the world music of Eastern Metropolis from the album Intrigue & Tension. This unique soundtrack features an oud—similar to a lute; the stylistic dumbek and mystical flutes interwoven to create an enchanting hypnotic groove. Operation Desert wins with an earthy, brooding and mysterious melody led by incessant drumming. Add this tribal sounding music to your background and enhance your character’s adventures.

Instrumental Travel Music creates a rich soundscape with music that’s slick, soothing and perfect for creating a sense of adventure, intrigue, romance and suspense. The sense of dreaminess instrumental travel music evokes in the audience’s emotions will set your production on fire.

Whatever your scene, project or production requires, you’re sure to find it in SmartSound’s expansive library. Our royalty free background music has the ideal selection for your project. Enjoy browsing our award-winning, expansive music library today.

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