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Whether it’s for a driving game, an action game or something in-between, music will almost assuredly make your video game more playable. Here’s a small selection from SmartSound’s large video game-centric music library:

Featured Instrumental Video Game Music

System Shock

Crucial Dossier

Gamer’s Groove

One Shall Rise

Intergalactic Trance

A steady beat of jacked-up drum ‘n’ bass in the song System Shock leads you through the dark corridors of cyberspace on this taut track. The incessant pace will keep your audience riveted to your scene. There’s more of the same heart-pounding music on its album Edge 03: Action Techno which packs a potent combination of jagged electronica and Top 40 R&B. Reminiscent of techno-thriller movie soundtracks, these selections drive with a dark energy that will put the viewer at the edge of their seat. Top 40 R&B is also represented here in tracks that capture the latest grooves from today’s popular artists.

The album Atmospheric Energy is a collection of vibrant pieces with a range of feelings from light and airy to the more intense. Steady, percussive beats interspersed with a variety of accents make these tracks ideal for Sonicfire Pro’s unique Timing Control feature. Prefect for a driving game, Crucial Dossier from this album has a cruisin’ break beat ride, ready for the next plot twist in your thriller.

A skippy piece of electronica with low-fi synth elements, Gamer’s Groove is a funky retro groove for scenes of technology from yesterday. Electronic variety, music from ‘out of the box’ to the more traditional, all with driving elements that make its album, Eclectic Beats a truly diverse compilation of the percussive.

A meticulous opening with dark electronic sounds gives way to a high-intensity action sequence in the track One Shall Rise. It’s ideal for scenes with frenetic motion held together with an undeniable drive. Its album, Massive Edge Orchestral is an intense cinematic exploration of big-sound orchestral music layered with electronic textures ranging from low growls, huge sweeps, digital flutters and syncopated spasms. Huge drums and backbeats match the big-orchestra sound and electronics for heroic climaxes juxtaposed with the dark and dramatic.

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A deep groove keeps techno cut Intergalactic Trance moving. Not only great a as a background for club scenes but for fantasy worlds in video games as well. Similarly, its album, Club Scene has pulsing electro pop tracks that are young and vibrant — for dance clubs, fashion, urban montage, commercials and highly styled promos.

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