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While vocals can often add to the beauty of a wedding song, sometimes the piece being purely instrumental can say it all. SmartSound’s library has a wide array of instrumental wedding music that will bolster your wedding video production. Here’s just a sampling of the music we have to offer in this genre:

Lush and moving, heartwarming track A Tender Melody features a pensive clarinet on a stirring and memorable melody. A high string entrance later creates a sense of emerging hope. Many great songs just like this one can be found on the parent album, Tender Moments. It is comprised of subtly orchestrated tracks that exhibit a variety of tender emotions: pensiveness, quiet, personal hope, introspective playfulness, quiet strength, soft redemption and more. Lightly orchestrated with simple piano, light strings and an occasional woodwind, use Sonicfire Pro’s Mood Mapping feature to reduce texture for a more fragile and touching story line.

Featured Instrumental Wedding Music

A Tender Melody

Love & Restraint

Jesu Bach

Saxy Serenade


Great for tender scenes, the album Inspirational Guitar provides intimate and spiritual acoustic guitar performances to accompany that special moment. Elements of contemporary and classic styles come into play in works that feature solo as well as multi-tracked acoustic guitar. One such song on the album that exhibits the guitar well is Love & Restraint which holds a haunting melody of the heart, broken by the discipline of a Bach invention.

Elicit scenes of culture and grandeur with chamber and orchestral works from the master composers of the classical age with the album Classical Masters. These selections are perfect for conveying high stature and sophistication or soothing the listener during any visual or narrative production. Showcasing composers from Bach to Tchaikovsky, this album gets a standing ovation. From this album, warm your listener’s hearts with one of the most popular wedding songs: ‘Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring’ by J.S. Bach, known as Jesu Bach on this album.

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To jazz it up a bit, consider Saxy Serenade, an uncomplicated jazz piece that rocks away tension and soothes the savage heart. Soulful and sensual, the saxophone solo cradles the listener in a safe, but expressive place. Its album, Romance & Memories serves up engaging, heartfelt music perfect for setting emotional and sentimental moments. This music will tug at the heartstrings and inspire warm, fond memories of joyous times and is ideal for the event and wedding videographer.

Add a special touch to any visual with introspective and colorful piano works. Contemporary, classical, and jazz are the styles that comprise this versatile collection of pieces which feature the piano. From relaxed, new-age selections to virtuosic waltzes, the album Poetic Piano can enrich and enliven your scenes. A great example of this is the track, Morning which has a hopeful and uplifting theme, accented with occasional jazz-influenced passages.

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