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Dial up the Intensity

Consider thrilling and intense music when scoring scenes with drama and rising emotion. Intense background music offers a panorama of emotional cues as it moves seamlessly from tender, romantic intensity to poignancy and thrilling greatness.

Featured Intense Royalty Free Music


Meeting at the Summit

Right On Time

Rooftop Party

Perpetual Movement

Unstoppable on the Updraft album is a powerful, driving tune with intense special effects. It’s a bold, competitive, exciting and extreme track perfect for a fast-paced scene. An electronic pop band, electric bass and hard-hitting drums make this upbeat song a great selection for a commercial, opening credits or a short film. Updraft also offers Meeting at the Summit, opening with acoustic piano and gentle violin and quickly becoming an exciting, competitive, driving track with a few tricks from flute, percussion and synth. Pop it behind a sports scene, commercial or product video and entertain your audience.

Musical Fireworks

Contemporary Pop Beds offers Right On Time; a richly orchestrated track in the style of Imagine Dragons, with a refreshing, powerful and triumphant mood driven by electric drums, bass and an emotional mandolin. This is an ideal track for an emotionally driven or upbeat scene with intense emotions. Rooftop Party is a bouncy, fun tune with a happy mandolin that brings a carefree, heartwarming feel to the track. Rooftop Party yearns for a lively, slick fun scene to back with its effervescent, fresh style.

Perpetual Movement on Captivating Portraits is a sophisticated, inspiring and intense track ideal for a nature, biography or indie film scene. Ethereal bells and inspiring keys bring a thrilling and hopeful emotion to this poignant, yet tormented soundtrack.

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We enjoy reviewing a few of the many tracks in our extensive library and want to ensure you that these selections are just a smattering of the endless customization opportunities available with all SmartSound soundtracks. Whether 15 seconds or a full-fledged film score is needed, check out our royalty free background music library with our patented, award winning soundtracks and you’ll find just what you’re looking for.

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