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What keeps video games exciting is the intensity that they bring in certain climactic moments. SmartSound’s library of intense video game music exemplifies that idea well and is the best option for your production needs.

Music from a futuristic wasteland, the song Brutal Endgame is gritty and ruthless. Metallic drums and growling guitars vie for dominance — ideal for a story of looming fate. This track’s album, Fearless Energy features intense orchestral-rock, straight from the big screen. These vast sounds were made for big impact, big action, and cinematic glory. The songs are ideal for epic trailers or any situation needing an impressive surge of energy.

Featured Intense Video Game Music

Brutal Endgame


The Big Deep

Hard and Fast

Metal Mania

A brooding collection of contemporary orchestral tracks for cutting-edge suspense, the album Foreboding Episodes ranges from pulsating soundscapes to heart-pounding underscores. These selections can help tell your tale of intrigue and mystery. A great example of that is one of its songs, Dungeons. It features a rich atmosphere of distant growling tones that expand slowly, with hits of clanging metallic percussion. Focused strings and piano nail that feeling of dread and waiting on this dramatic, thrilling track.

The name of the game on the track The Big Deep is heavy bass action – it’s great for building suspense in dramatic situations. Parent album Edge Breakbeat Multi-Layer is more of the same and allows you to push the limits of sound with the hyped-up beats of DJ-based electronica. These pulse-pounding tracks reflect the various facets of the current electronica scene, and can supply a slick backdrop for productions involving action or drama. From funk-fused electronica to driving breakbeats and soaring synths, these grooves can put your scenes on the map.

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Hard and Fast is a straightforward hard rock song, featuring half-time and double time sections that features both rhythm and lead guitars and hard-hitting drums. Album Classic Rock & Roll (PS67) has great recordings of bands playing original music in the classic styles of the golden age of rock. Better yet, it has the ability to be cut to the exact length of your scene using SmartSound’s Custom Length feature.

Energize and intensify any project with album Maximum Action. It explodes with music that is perfect for the excitement of high-speed motion, competition, and unparalleled achievement. Sports, travel and product announcements can all be raised to a new level. Dark powerful and very contemporary with an unusually thick and heavy sound, song Metal Mania is a unique mixture of grunge and power rock, complete with angry guitar thrusts

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