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The first album Jesse Ray Smith and Blind Optimism have created for SmartSound throbs with Smith’s heartfelt voice, and Americana-style guitar-heavy tracks.  They sound like they are all played off someone’s back porch in the country, but mid-tempo percussion and electronic accents give them a contemporary feel.

Featured Jesse Ray Smith & Blind Optimism

All I See Is You


Back To Me

Big Picture

Blue Ribbon-BO

Powerful, serious All I See is You tells a touching tale of love lost and lamented, yet uncertain in a good way, i.e. that there might be hope for its return.  “We picked up right where we left off…those feelings rushed right back…I had to catch my breath…and I could see why I thought you were the one.”  Put this emotional song to work in an Indie Film with a romantic theme.

Home Videos and Commercials would benefit from the gentle, hopeful tone of Anchored.  The lyrics speak of traveling “halfway round the world” only to find the loved one still anchored to the singer’s soul; a refreshing journey with a heartwarming conclusion.  The style is Country/Folk with driving Rock/Pop Band rhythm. 

Vocals and Country Band tell a passionate, melancholy story of love deferred, in Back to Me.  Even as the beloved is walking down the aisle to marry another, the ballad singer believes in his heart she will someday return to him.  The tempo is country waltz with Indie Artist styling, and the mood is tender and calm, despite dire circumstances.

Driving piano moves Pop Rock Blue Ribbon-BO forward in a positive direction, though the lyrics wax bittersweet.  This lively, acoustical track asks why the blue ribbon isn’t awarded, when we’ve made all the effort we thought was needed?

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Refreshing, outdoorsy, Small Town Girl shows the group’s modern country leanings.  Pedal steel and guitar create a sparkling, refreshing portrait of the simple things in life, and the girl who appreciates them.  “There’s a little bit of magic in her fingertips.”

Call it what you will, Southern, Country, or Pop, Smartsound’s new release Jesse Ray Smith and Blind Optimism glows with infectious rhythms, catchy heartwarming lyrics, and plenty of guitar energy.  Use it for any contemporary video with drama, passion, and honesty.

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