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At SmartSound we know the importance of keeping the message and impact of your videos fresh. A musical perspective that’s on trend can help communicate to your audience that the theme of your video remains timely and part of the larger context of the world in which we live.   

Of course our technology offers great ways to help keep your SmartSound music vibrant and unique. However, it’s important that the fundamental building blocks you work with – the tracks themselves – remain relevant for the changing tastes of  a constantly shifting audience.

We have some extraordinary new music planned for 2016 (as well as other things!). In the meantime, for those of you who recently purchased Album or Singles Packs in our year-end sale, we thank you. Here are 10 great albums you can select right now for your pack that can help keep you in sync with the latest musical trends. 


  • GFGFInspired by the highly popular Food Network show, Diners Drive-Ins and Dives, GFGF (short for Great Food, Great Friends) gives you the ultimate palette (pun intended!) of rousing, fun rock tunes.

  • House CallThese rhythmic tracks propel live guitars, cerebral synths and cool, sophisticated drums with the occasional live vocal or sax to create an authentic club sound.

  • Contemporary Pop BedsInspired by the latest pop hits, this album was specifically produced to provide very contemporary sounding backgrounds for film, television and advertising projects.

  • Black & BlueInspired by the Black Keys, this album of original music written for SmartSound explores the blues side of the first-rate and highly popular band.

  • UpdraftModern, sleek cues with an uplifting sensibility create an ideal backdrop for scenes of activity, fulfillment and accomplishment while displaying a startling instrumental variety throughout.

  • Fun & GamesWhile this album covers a diverse set of styles from light acoustic guitars with easy, simple melodies all the way up to driving electric guitars, all these tracks have one thing in common: Fun.

  • Massive Edge OrchestralAn intense cinematic exploration of big-sound orchestral music layered with electronic textures ranging from low growls, huge sweeps, digital flutters and syncopated spasms.

  • Ultra PopA dazzling display of pop hi-tech artistry built on a foundation of perfectly executed commercial compositional styles.

  • Going GreenLight, easy and infectious tracks with a crisp, clean production value, simple musical approach and unique instrumentation.

  • DubstepExplore the cutting edge of music with this album designed for contemporary visual applications.
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