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Composing a bright, cheery tune for an earthy, outdoorsy or even a world scene is a snap with Leisure Music soundtracks. Leisure music bounces along with a cool, refreshing vibe that wins the heart of all who hear it. Leisure music creates a warm, comfortable backdrop for many scenes.

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Big Three Sixty

Fone it In

Recent Accomplishments

Strolling Down the Path

The Captivating Portraits album showcases Kutembea; featuring a leisure style World beat that’s lively, fresh and motivating. Pop it behind an indie film, commercial or nature scene and create a feel-good mood. Kutembea’s Ethnic ensemble has composed a fresh, heartwarming and pastoral tune perfect for a film trailer, travel scene, biography, home video; you name it—it’s a lively little tune.

Uplifting TracksOrganic Pop is a fantastic album featuring a variety of Leisure music. Organic Pop is fresh, inspiring and uplifting and at times, atmospheric and ethereal as the tunes range from love and romance to love and loss. Big Three Sixty is gentle, light and refreshing with its acoustic guitar and steady drumming. Fone it In and Hoot Town also shine as both are driving, energetic and uplifting with cool and positive music ideal for a leisure scene.

Recent Accomplishment on Positive Biz, vol. 2 is a confident, leisurely and effervescent tune that bursts out of the gate with a poppin’ piano, rapid drumming and a fun synth for a sophisticated, exciting and uplifting track. Power Play features Strolling Down the Path with whimsical electric guitars and mandolins that propel this earthy, outdoorsy beat to an exciting end.

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