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Get on the Bright Side with Room to Grow, an easy-going, light country soundtrack. Room to Grow features acoustic guitar and percussion which blend to create a calm, gentle, innocent tune, with a positive, light groove. Folk music with its variety of strings can elicit bluesy, folksy, Southern, Americana, country and even a pop vibe thanks to these versatile instruments. Light country music fits commercials, home or product videos, nature or corporate communications. Relaxed, motivating music casts the spotlight on your scene while adding an easy-going vibe.

Featured Light Country Music

Room to Grow

Wander No More

Just Folks

First Light

Late Night Confession

Wander No More on Positive Acoustics opens with hopeful strums, light percussion and a fresh folksy feel. It’s uplifting and motivating with sweet guitar, banjo, keys and bells. The country music tune Just Folks on Core Sessions is a winning homestyle track that’ll bring your fans to the dance floor to sway and groove.

Spend a few minutes with the album Acoustic Textures (PS71) and you’ll find several tunes featuring light country music. Evening Pause scores with a romantic acoustic guitar track that’s tender, touching and tranquil. First Light also features a single guitar for a calm, gentle and heartwarming track. Acoustic music is often introspective, reflective, relaxed and tender as the singer, songwriter and guitar become one. Late Night Confession yields soft strains of gentle music for delicate and reflective scenes. Slow tempo, light country music adds romance and softness to heartwarming scenes and Acoustic Textures (PS71) has some winning tracks.

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