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Toe-Tapping Tunes Check out Honey Dip on the Bright Side album for a driving country folk beat with a full rhythm section. Imagine a hopeful star from The Voice belting it out for Blake Lively in this positive, uplifting cut. Honey Dip’s many guitars include a super smooth lap steel guitar in this easy-going country tune. Lively mandolin and acoustic guitar set a finger-snapping, cool mood with the tune Let’s Play from the album Fun & Games. It’s a happy, hopeful track great for kid-themed productions, home videos and refreshing scenes.

Southern ComfortEnjoy strumming’, drummin’ and some southern lovin’ with Down Home from Southern Accents and delight in the spirited country shuffle with a driving guitar and thrilling piano runs. Skip over to Paddock Party on Southern Accents and whoa! baby, hang on to your hat and celebrate with a rousing country jam because Paddock Party is a cheerful, upbeat, slap happy tune that needs a joy-filled scene in front of it. Check out the rest of Southern Accents for more rousing, country folk tracks.

Country is KingLively Country Music just makes people smile and wish they could line dance so discovering royalty free background music with a folksy country beat is a step away with SmartSound’s customizable soundtracks. Fine tune tracks to the exact length of your scene and dial up or down the instrumentals you need.

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