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The album Ambient Drama is chockfull of Magical Instrumental Music. You’ll like Mars Sunrise with its rising synthesizer and pounding drums which create a dramatic, expansive and atmospheric track that’s uplifting. Ambient Drama is perfect for a documentary, science, narration or action-drama production. Also listen to Testing the Waters for an intriguing, magical and soft meditative melody. We love the blend of harp and choral elements that lend an ethereal quality to the music. Catch another winner with Tidepool Dream with its soothing layers that are gentle, mystical and serene. Check out the rest of Ambient Drama for all 10 winning soundtracks.

Angelic WhimsyAnother engaging album with magical instrumental music is Magical Moments with wondrous, whimsical soundtracks ranging from uplifting to urgent. Whimsical Moment is one such refreshing song with a lively, uplifting and inspirational beat led by percussion, piano, strings and my favorite, a violoncello. It’s hopeful, mystical, magical, and ideal for a comedy backdrop, home videos, commercials or nature productions. Magical Moments also features Equilibrium—another atmospheric, haunting and mysterious soundtrack with a hypnotic, incessant and mystical beat. Add a tender touch of serenity to your scene with this beautiful background music.

Magical Instrumental music is angelic, hypnotic, inspiring, often majestic, mystical, tender and touching and can also be dark, tormented, emotional and sad. Whatever your scene, project or production requires, you’re sure to find it in SmartSound’s expansive library ripe with royalty free background music. You can customize our music to your heart’s desire with our award-winning, patented music technology. Find your magical muse in the SmartSound library.

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