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Populate your imaginative fantasy and animation projects with Magical Royalty Free Romantic Music from SmartSound.  

Elegant Princess Tale from Inspiring Beauty starts out with lone strings sound, which builds and flowers with the addition of French Horn and Oboe.  This emotional, poignant orchestral opus could provide the overture for an epic tale of fantasy/adventure, as well as delicate music for breakout scenes.  

Featured Magical Royalty Free Romantic Music

Princess Tale

Dance Of The Flame

Isla Sirena

Stellar Pools

Summer Rain

From Distant Worlds, sensual New Age Ensemble-style Dance of the Flame, with a Latin accent, fills out a bed of percussion and atmospheric background with guitar melody.  It’s easy listening for Travel Videos, but could find a home in cooking shows, or scenes of romance and intrigue.  Listen for light, pulsating sequences punctuated by sharper percussion highlights. 

Pan pipes and Oocarina plus New Age-Indie tone create an ethereal theme in Isla Serena, also from Distant Worlds.  Put your audience in a blissful state, and create the calm, mystical texture for a tropical getaway scene.  See the world and miss out on the jet lag!

A more exotic, perhaps even intergalactic, type of magic is portrayed by Stellar Pools, from the same album.   Spacious strings and guitar with mellow percussion highlights create a soothing backdrop evocative of moon and starlight over the water.   A floating restaurant scene, or relaxed interlude in a wedding reception provide the perfect foil for this gentle New Age ballad. 

(Distant Worlds was also highlighted August 30, 2013.)

For a change of pace, try Silly Valentine-Romantic from Themes & Scenarios.  Intriguing touches of percussion light up this heartwarming orchestral track, part of a triad which includes ‘Title’ and ‘Comedy.’  Reflective and romantic, it provides a perfect acoustic bed for TV or Romantic Comedy projects. 

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Magical Royalty Free Romantic Music from SmartSound gives the right, light touch of exotic tones and instruments for an other-worldly feeling of fantasy, from sensual and emotional, to intriguing and elegant.

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