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Slow it Down

Meditation music is ideal for creating earthy, ethereal or mystical themes for scenes needing background music specifically designed to enhance a quiet, delicate or touching moment.

Featured Meditative Royalty Free Music

A Hazy Future

Restoring the Light

Tidepool Dream

Testing the Waters

Mars Sunrise

Quiet TreasuresThe album Captivating Portraits has several excellent selections for meditation music as it’s a thoughtfully arranged blend of atmospheric elements and haunting melodies. This is not meditation music that sounds like water rushing over rocks either; this music is captivating as it uplifts the listener with its intimate strains. A Hazy Future offers a mystical tune with delicate electronica piano and ambient chimes for a pensive, tranquil and poignant track. Restoring the Light yields a mysterious, hypnotic pulse with acoustic guitar and reflective synth strains for an inspiring and hopeful track.


Ambient DramaHere’s an album loaded with meditation-quality music—Ambient Drama—a profound collection of emotionally driven tracks that add an ethereal, ambient and meditative quality to scenes. All ten tracks are awesome, but be sure to check out Tidepool Dream with its soothing layers of ambient music ideal for new age, easy-listening or a meditation documentary. Tidepool Dream is one of those tunes that’s ethereal, gentle and mystical and allows the listener to relax into the moment as soft instrumentals add a mellow, magical quality to the track.

Testing the Waters is a beautiful composition of harp, choral and soft orchestral elements and could add a bit of gentle romance to scenes with its delicate, light and reflective tempo. Mars Sunrise also delivers a meditation track rich with otherworldly elements. Strings, keys, synth and drums create an atmospheric, dramatic and expansive composition to uplift your audience’s spirits.

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Tune Up with Smart SoundSmart Sound offers a variety of Meditation Music tracks whether you want to slow a scene down, add a touch of romance, or pop an ethereal, otherworldly quality into scenes. Our customizable music can be dialed up or down and cued to the exact length of your scene. Spin through our library of tunes and find your muse with our patented, award-winning music technology.

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