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Melancholy can range from sustained sadness to the merely reflective and serene.  SmartSound’s Melancholy Orchestral Royalty Free Music selections carry your project seamlessly between these subtle variations using instruments with both angelic tenderness and powerful intensity.

Featured Melancholy Orchestral Royalty Free Music

Heartfelt Retrospective

Scenic Journey

Illuminated Mind

Introspective Journey

Water Reflections

Reflection is somewhat of a solitary pursuit, and Cinematic Exploration’s delicate Heartfelt Retrospective features piano and solo horn to convey the lonely, changing mood.  The track starts out dramatic and mysterious, then transitions to hopeful and positive, with celesta, strings, and harp sounding the more upbeat note.

Poignant and romantic, Scenic Journey, from Intrigue & Tension could grace a wedding prelude scene or video, where the emotional seriousness of the situation, for this moment at least, balances the joyous excitement.  Flute and piano melody grace the tranquil, serene passages of this track, well-suited for TV/Film Drama projects.

Powerful, dramatic strings take the lead in Introspective Journey from Above and Beyond, dramatically upping the intensity from other melancholy orchestral tracks.  Use this one where emotions are heightened and serious, perhaps in an adventurous or noir segment of a heroic drama. 

Studio orchestra and piano, with recognizable notes from the bass violin, stir up Water Reflections, from the same album.  Heartwarming and serene, this relaxed tune keeps the scene on a tender, vibrant note, perfect for a romantic TV movie drama. 

Which is more melancholy, thoughts of the loved one who’s been away for days, weeks, or months, or the moment of saying goodbye to the loved one, not knowing how long they will be Far Away?  This uncertain background theme from album Melancholy Moments describes both somber emotional yearnings with ease.  Later in the track the tenor of this ballad contains passages that hint of a lyrical promise for change—whether the return of the loved one, or the acceptance of the distance.

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Melancholy time always seems to be forever time when it’s happening, whether the mood is merely touching, or downright somber.  Smartsound’s Melancholy Orchestral Royalty Free Music conveys the sweet sorrow with the same feeling of poignant length, and carries the mood with serene style.

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