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Mellow jazz music can be used to portray several different scenarios: beach scenes, romance, coffeehouses, elevator music, and more. SmartSound has the beats for all these occasions in our in-depth jazz collection. Here are five songs that we would like to highlight to start your browsing off right:

Featured Mellow Jazz Music


Maybe Soon

Double Latte

After Eight

Melancholy Jazz

Looking to escape for a while? Westwind is a jazzy cut can underscore all sorts of projects, from travel stories to corporate videos. It features acoustic guitar and a groovy bass line that will have listeners thinking about a special time they spent on a white, sandy beach. This and other tunes from the Travel & Leisure album help you to relax and unwind with casual music for your travel footage. Whether taking a stroll in the plaza or going for a weekend jaunt, these tracks are the perfect travel companions.

If you’re looking for a more romantic touch, there’s no way to go wrong with Maybe Soon. It features simmering soft drums and gentle droplets of piano that make this soothing track the perfect complement to a romantic scene. In fact, the Atmospheric Jazz album is filled with cool jazz tracks perfect for providing a moody atmosphere. It’s great for lounge scenes and reflective moments — these smoky jazz combo selections can create a sophisticated setting.

Aptly named for a coffeehouse setting, Double Latte is a smooth jazz song that features an upbeat acoustic guitar that can brighten up most any scene. This song hails from the Coffeehouse/Mellow/Guitar (PS08) album that lays down light and upbeat guitar sounds for setting easy-going moods. Blues and folksy styles come into play in this collection of works that feature the many colors of the guitar. Electric jazz and acoustic guitars, in both solo and small group settings, can be found here.


If you’re looking for the smoky nightclub feel, After Eight delivers. This cool jazz combo is laced with liquid guitar licks and relaxed piano. It comes from the Light & Jazzy album which has the ability to support narrations and is also a great companion to travel videos or any scene which needs background support.

Finally, the Romance & Memories album provides engaging, heartfelt music perfect for setting emotional and sentimental moments. This music will tug at the heartstrings and inspire warm, fond memories of joyous times and is ideal for the event and wedding videographer. One of the great tracks from this album is Melancholy Jazz which evokes a scene from the 40s and 50s of a dimly-lit lounge, a quiet corner table and smoky candlelight. This deeply pensive and moody number conjures gentle, smooth and tranquil feelings all at once.

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