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Kids are natural comedians, so kids and comedy songs go hand in hand, especially for home videos, animation, comedies, and video games. Smartsound’s collections of Royalty Free Music for Kids and Comedy Productions run the gamut of wacky possibilities, from sixties cartoon spoofs to rollicking circus numbers and Vintage Comedy tracks. 

Featured Music for Kids and Comedy Productions

A Child’s Daydream

Bouncy Fanfare

Bright Sunshine

Evening by the Fireplace

Lazy Daisy



Kids and Tweens features two lively circus tracks, Balancing Act, a lilting, old-fashioned waltz ideal for kid’s projects. It features a wind band, and makes a great accompaniment to the main event in your big top production. Add a patriotic note with Ringmaster Special, a march echoing the craziness kids can get up to, especially when you turn the camera on them. We especially like driving kid’s track Color Burst,” with rock/pop band elements to project an upbeat good time for your home video masterpiece. Sunny Skies adds a heartwarming note, a little more laid-back positive backdrop with warm synth elements. Family bloopers get the perfect backdrop with the happy-go-lucky tracks of the Comical / Fun / Novelty collection. Tongue-in-cheek Cousin Virgil whistles a quirky tune to lighten up your home videos and animation. An Alt version of the same cheerful song deletes the whistling Southern vocals, leaving tuba, kazoo, and novelty band. Looney tune Vox Gone Mad from the same album invites you to the crazy house and back with this carefree, goofy theme. Every parent’s favorite scene comes when the kids wind down after a long-tiring day. Several serene tracks from the charming album Play Time, such as End of the Day will give your footage a restful feel. This relaxed ballad features flute, piano, and studio orchestra. Wind Gently Blows from Child’s Play brings delicate piano and strings to the classic Rock-a-bye Baby. Just like kids themselves, the selections for Kids and Comedy run through a wide range of moods and tempos, from classic comedy music of the ‘30’s, ‘40’s and ‘50’s, to bouncy, spirited Play Time. The sense of wonder and the comic relief kids bring to our lives find a perfect backdrop in Smartsound’s light-hearted collection. SmartSound is Royalty Free Music made easy.

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