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By definition “mystical” relates to religious mysticism, or to inspiring mystery, awe or fascination.  SmartSound Mystical Royalty Free Music echoes the spiritual ties to exotic, unfamiliar lands with its 68 tracks of primarily New Age-style music.

Angelic strings in Ancient Cities create a sense of peace and wonder ideal for Meditation or Spoken Word/Narration projects.  The expansive track from Distant Worlds gives no hint where in time we might be, in the distant past, or the distant future, looking back at the cities of today.  Fear is unknown in the magical world evoked.

Featured Mystical Royalty Free Music

Ancient Cities

Mystical Karma

Silver Surf

Cygnus Rising

Columbian Exposition

Travel and Documentary projects are good locations for Ethnic Ensemble background from World Tour, Mystical Karma.  Consisting of quiet East Indian percussive variations, it flows with hypnotic ease in World style.

Switch gears to sail the Silver Surf from Ethereal Dreams.  Muted trumpet and low-register piano keep the ambience smoky and melancholy; roaming deserted streets at night, or taking solace in moonlight on breaking waves are images that come to mind with this New Age ballad.

Again from Distant Worlds, comes an ethereal background, Cygnus Rising.  Delicate, soothing and oddly-upbeat piano counterpoints a slowly-breathing pad.  Slow-motion footage or scenes where more is going on inside the character’s head than outside are the venue for this abstract number.

With a nod to the more religious side of mystical World Cinema’s Columbian Exposition is perfect for Documentary footage for Latin American topics, or Cinematic projects.  Solo ocarina (flute) lends the mysterious, brooding air we associated with explorations of ancient cultures. 

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Spiritual, hypnotic, futuristic – SmartSound Mystical Royalty Free music spans time and culture for a surreal, exotic touch.

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