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Business-friendly tracks are abundant in SmartSound’s thousands of royalty-free music offerings. In fact, producers can refine even further, adding filters such as “Narrative/Spoken Word” to locate music that is specifically tailored to the task at hand. This makes it easy to find project music that will not harm a business brand and image.

Featured Narrative Corporate Music


Corporate Progress

Elbow Grease

Brand New Day

A few tracks that come up in a search for narrative corporate music showcase how varied the results can be, suitable for a range of training videos, product videos, presentations and even on-hold music.

  • Acceptance, from the album Positive Biz, is an uplifting and upbeat instrumental score that fits well on any product video.
  • Corporate Progress off of Expressive Textures, is easy going and carefree, with lots of strings in the instrumental. A track like this is ideally suited for On Hold music.
  • Looking for an outstanding score for a training video? Elbow Grease is unappologetically tailored to suit such projects with its acoustic guitar and perky, fresh sounds. It can be found on the Spring Cleaning album.
  • On the other hand, if a background track for a commercial or promotional video is what is required, look no further than Brand New Day from the album Pop Beds 1. Its driving and motivational Pop Rock foundation 

These tracks can easily be tailored to fit the video, as all SmartSound songs can be, by perfectly fitting the length needed, adjusting variation, and changing the instrument mix. Brand New Day, for example, has 7 variants and 11 instrument mixes available at the touch of a button. Click here for even more control and additional options such as Mood Mapping, via our award-winning technology found in the Sonicfire application — there’s even a free version.

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