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New Age Royalty Free Music is one of the genres that truly is relatively recent in development, tracing its roots only back as far as the 1960’s and 1970’s. It often includes the use of classical instruments, such as acoustic guitar, flute and harp, as well Eastern instruments—sitar and tamboura. The tone of New Age music is almost always in the direction of relaxation, tranquility, and optimism for the future. Often used in yoga classes, meditation, massage, it embodies the spiritual search for serenity as a way to deal more effectively with life. Dancing Reflections, from the Lifestyles-New Age album, echoes that mellow inspiration, but with a definite beat and an intriguing deeper tone built in to give it an earthy, Latin-esque feel. Nature, Home Video and Travel will benefit from this sensual song from the Strata series.

Featured New Age Royalty Free Music

Sunny Side

A Mile Away


Mars Sunrise

Testing The Waters

Percussive strength adds a hypnotic touch to Great Barrier Reef, from the same album. This sleek, mystical cut adds dimension to science, or world applications. Misty Forest Morning brings in a heartwarming piano melody that provides a gentle background for emotional scenes or a sunrise feel to Nature projects. It features New Age Ensemble with orchestral touches.
Introspective Mysteria, from New Age Discovery, provides a thoughtful, reflective background with Acoustic Guitar and Subdued Vocals. A perfect setting for warm, shimmering scenes with pensive self-discovery in mind. Passionate Our World maintains the motivating feel of New Age, but takes a Dramatic turn with a strong beat, and a darker texture—a perfect piece to inspire you to action once the reflection is complete. Listen for the crackling sounds of a record player. The best elements of New Age come together in Smartsound’s newer album Will to Succeed, especially in Easy-Going A New Journey. It brings the world together with elements such as teaming up acoustic guitar with marimba and strings. Its upbeat theme would be right at home in projects ranging from Commercials to Corporate to Nature to Reality TV. Like all good New Age music it focuses on hopeful calm, yet forward-looking and inspiring a belief in success, regardless of how success is measured. SmartSound is Royalty Free Music made easy!

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