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Android Dream

Each Passing Moment

Fossil Evidence

Mars Sunrise

Tidepool Dream

So convincing is the range of incipient dread in Ambient Drama, you may be surprised to learn Chosak is also a composer of more upbeat fare, as in his other Smartsound album, Industrial Documentary.  Several cuts from that album reflect Chosak’s other love, performing live and as a session guitarist—more optimistic, yet still edgy with the infinite variations of this talented sound designer.

Reflective of that more expansive mood, “Mars Sunrise,” on Ambient Drama pairs ambient synths and dramatic dums to create an otherwordly mix; a gentle, magical track in the Easy-Listening/New Age genre with the power to uplift spirits. 

Glide into mystical “Tidepool Dream,” a mellow track with acoustic guitar lead, and quiet layers of ambient sounds.  Ethereal and serene, it could easily provide the background for the denouement, breath-of-fresh-air moments in even the most heart-pounding drama

The collection of emotionally gripping tracks in Smartsound’s new release, Ambient Drama, sets the scene for your audience to experience infinite variations of feelings, from soaring, to depths of despondence concocted by the most creative composer of all, the human mind.

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