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Atmospheric, ethereal, haunting backdrops all underpinned by hypnotic percussive grooves. This uniquely flexible album gives you two completely different paths for music construction using SmartSound’s Mood Mapping technology: Use the technology to reduce or eliminate the percussive elements to give your visuals a smooth, subtle, constant ambience, or, reduce or eliminate the melodic and harmonic instruments to bring out the percussion and propel your activity or storyline decidedly forward. The potential variety of uniquely creative takes from this amazing palette of tracks is limited only by your imagination.

Motion Upon Motion

A high-activity piece propelled by seemingly chaotic, haphazard percussion underpinned with atmospheric swirling synths.

Beautiful Paths

Staccato hand drums marry pizzicato violins and acoustic guitar for a haunting, moody track.

Chasing The Moon

Uniquely performed guitar and bells create a sense of the mysterious as a rhythmical clockwork beat descends with a hypnotic, pulsating veil of illusion.

Desert Journey

A beat that envelops and wraps around you driven by exotic percussion builds to an inescapably infectious melody.

Moving Sidewalks

A simple guitar melody comes to life with a bright, insistent backdrop and intriguing upright bass.


Anything is possible as determined drums announce a wondrous dance of playful, cascading melodies supported by acoustic guitar and open-sounding electronics.

Sailing The Stars

A mesmerizing and enchanting beat unfolds with a variety of interesting musical and sound design textures.

Shaman’s Journey

An ethereal montage driven by a backdrop of haunting design elements with movement representing an unknown motivation or presence.

Suspended Worlds

Hypnotic, whirling music creates an energetic and lively backdrop, great for high activity with a sense of ambiance.

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Undiscovered Terrain

A journey of subtle determination and insistence unfolds as various percussion and electronic elements propel an open and spacious piano melody.


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