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SmartSound’s new release showcases popular San Diego band. Pop-Funk, Ska and Skate-Punk styles combine with cool lyrics and a great horn section to create a live recorded album full of dynamic energy, excellent for summer and winter sports excitement, travel or general hardy partying.

Ska contributes the walking bass line accented with rhythms on the upbeat—straight from Jamaica, born in the 60’s.  Punk’s a bit younger, coming from the mid-70’s via the garage.  With a real DIY feel, punk rock features fast, hard-edged music, typically with anti-establishment messages.  Skate punk is just as aggressive, and popular, naturally, with skaters and skater movie-makers.

Featured New Album: The Skank Agents

Building Walls Burning Bridges



Find That Girl


In addition to the typical guitars, ska punk can include brass instruments—saxophone, trumpets, and even trombones.  The Skank Agents take advantage of all these opportunities in several of their songs, starting with rockin’ “Building Walls Burning Bridges.”  This Indie Artist style offering brings in fast upstroke electric guitars, saxophone solo and group vocals.

“Clouds-SA» is a love song («Ever since I met you I’ve been waiting for you to come on in though that door, fall in my arms and be with me…») but it moves with the speed of light with horns, aggressive drums and building guitars.  Unleash the energy in your Holiday, Sports, Indie Film, and Home Videos.

Ditto with upbeat “Florida,” quirky both in lyrics—“its a long way to Florida , when you drive from California , to see your pretty face even if, its for an hour, but you’re worth it”—and in the interplay of instruments, drums, brass, and electric guitar.

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The reggae roots of ska come out in force in lively “Find That Girl.”  The beat kicks back to a an energetic dance along the boardwalk, rather than a screaming motorbike tearing through the crowd.  V. catchy!  Doo-wop meets ska in “Ska-wop,” a Rock/Pop band tune both fresh and fun.

Political dismay shows up in “Peace” – “Lets stop the war lets stop the hate, lets stop the lies lets stop it all. Lets stop the fighting and the crying. , Lets stop the killing and the screaming, lets stop the death of our innocent kind.”  This dark-sounding track brings in World-style sentiment in a ska-punk vehicle.

Don’t miss the message or the music in “Slow Your Step,” a reggae-soaked son with both upbeat moments and half tempo breakdowns.  “Slow your step man take a look around , cause you’re missing out and you’re letting your friends down…” 

When you need to jolt your videos with high-powered fun, look no further than SmartSound’s new release The Skank Agents.  Take advantage of Sonicfire Pro’s Mood Mapping feature to remove vocals where you may not want them, and then bring them back anytime.  Jamaican beat and brass meet up with Southern Cal funk and punk for a jammin’ good time!


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