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SmartSound’s new release Core Beyond boasts an astonishing array of style and mood from indie rock, to hip-hop, pulsating orchestral cinematic strains to high-intensity trailer music.

Dawn of Doom Composer Jean Baptiste Bocle has worked with Amotz Plessner on several A.P. & Friends albums, as well as another recent release Core Evolution (see post July 1, 2013.)

Both composers pull maximum dramatic, brooding power from the orchestra, and Dawn of Doom is no exception. Pulsating with driving percussion and ominous male voices, this sinister track builds suspense and fear; intense enough to back up a chase scene of epic importance, or herald the relentless approach of an overwhelmingly larger enemy force.

Featured New Music: Core Beyond

Dawn Of Doom

Dramatic Melody

Late Nite Buzz

Make Me

Walk On

Amotz Plessner’s Dramatic Melody shows that even a quieter, somber melody can deliver the suspense with disturbing seriousness.  Oboe, piano, and violoncello highlights join the orchestra to set the dark mood, a la Mystery Theater.  It’s perfect for investigative, haunting TV or Film Dramas.

Sleek, punchy Late Night Buzz, also from Bocle, hip-hops up to scratch with uptempo urban cut perfect for cruzin’ down the strip, or stepping into a smoky club scene, where the bad guys are all acting oh-so-cool, but you know nothing good’s about to go down. 

Core Beyond switches gears with pensive, exciting Make Me.  Just like the unsettled feeing we get when the weather’s changing rapidly, this light Rock/Pop Band track from Michael Alan Raphael (post August 23, 2012) evokes the reflective feel of changing emotions.  Hopeful electric guitar, and string pad make the journey touching and motivating.

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The album wraps up with another Amotz Plessner contribution, easy-going Walk On.  It’s heartwarming Easy-Listening/New Age strains set the stage for a montage of happy family scenes, or winding down a significant day with relaxed, earthy calm.

SmartSound’s new release Core Beyond is poised to support any visual image from intense, suspenseful, epic to gentle, acoustical, tender.  The customization features of the SmartSound Advantage help you make full use of this richly rounded album.

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