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Mark Krurnowski’s music has been used internationally in television programming in Australia, Mexico, France, the Netherlands, Chile and Canada, as well as domestically on ABC-TV, The Discovery Channel, The Oxygen Channel, and XM & Sirius satellite radio.  The composer of several Smartsound albums, such as Easy Livin’, Funky Country, and Turn up the Heat, Krurnowski specializes in high-activity, high-energy, positive productions, and his latest album Bright Side is no exception.

Featured New Release — Bright Side

Almost Home

Friends In Town

Honey Dip

Horizon Fade


Almost Home features funky, syncopated acoustic guitars swirling around an Easy-Going Pop Rock track just itching to move your action forward.  Ringing lead notes and deliciously rich chords of subtle variation pump up the motivating, hopeful ambience.  Corporate tracks, and quirky teen romps are two productions at opposite ends of the spectrum that would nevertheless benefit from Almost Home’s lively, driving style.

Give a tranquil, heartwarming welcome to Friends in Town, with this soft New Age track.  Finger-style guitar is the gentle rock star in this tender, bright outing, a perfect background to Commercials, Home Videos or the most serious moments a comedy would get into.

Don’t miss the earthy sauciness, and refreshing fun of Jackpot.  Cool kids expertly jumping rope and everyday people winning small victories find a home with this upbeat tune.  Both electric and acoustic guitar team with steady drum and bass to amp up the feeling of wholesome, funky motion.

Equally delightful with a Country/Folk tint, innocent Room to Grow, expands its relaxed Easy-Listening atmosphere.  The light mood exudes positive, catchy calm, as if to say, “it’s going to be OK.” Guitar and percussion reflect the cycles of growth with energy and motivating vigor.

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The exuberance of the earthy season resonates with wide open space and possibilities in Whispers of Spring.  The solo guitar gambols all over the place, testing its wings and exulting in positive summer joys to come.  At once regal and refreshing this track deserves a lark of a video venue.

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