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The latest release from popular SmartSound composer, Francisco Becker, helps you craft a powerful visual statement with all the diverse emotional nuances available in the medium of full live orchestra. 

Featured New Release — Cinematic Exploration

Dark Whisper

Emotional Aftermath

Epic Conquest

Fight For Your Life

Heartfelt Retrospective

Strike a pensive note with Dark Whisper.  The hypnotic, incessant opening theme features piano, strings, and bass that starts out a mere whisper, and builds to a disturbing, haunting beat.  The noir, mysterious flavor provides a background for a dramatic exploration of lonely Everyman struggling towards an uncertain future.  TV/Film Drama provide the venue.

Introduce the poignant strains of Emotional Aftermath when the key dramatic conflict has been revealed, or after the sad conclusion has been reached and the bittersweet results are no longer escapable.  This orchestral number interplays a touching piano melody with choir and full orchestra mode to define both dramatic and delicate moments.

French horn and orchestra start the powerful march in Epic Conquest.  Brushes stroke the drums as choir and percussion keep up the pulsating pace to reach a triumphant, soaring finale.  Both inner and outer battles are well-covered with this serious piece, but you might just as well trickle in a little of its drama to a tongue-in-cheek Home Video production making a mountainous epic atmosphere over a molehill achievement.

Elegant Heroic Fantasy starts out delicate and solemn, moving quickly into fierce, driving territory, perfect for exploring scenes of thrilling action and competitive clashes.  Futuristic percussion elements blend with intense choir support, culminating in a dream of untold strength and resolve.

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Obscure Memories get their due in this suspenseful, investigative song.  Violincello and acoustic guitar create a brooding and haunting mood.  It works well in foretelling the intense tales of horror and epic intrigue as trailers, or for the cinematic production itself.  Choir and percussion add peculiar turns to the suspenseful backdrop.

Enjoy the rich panorama of emotional undertones evoked by SmartSound’s new release Cinematic Explorations.  Fine-tune your audience’s experience using the Smartsound Advantage, turning up or subduing the drama on the turn of a dime.

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