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Composer Michael Reinmuller explores the cutting edge of electronic music technology in SmartSound’s new release Dubstep.  Futuristic drama gets the knife-edge treatment with jagged shards of dissonant rhythm piercing the already-intense experimental electronica. 

Featured New Release — Dubstep

A New Dub Message

Break My Impact

Champions Rock You

Dark Mother Dub

Distant Lights

Deep-bass half-time groove slices up the action and storyline in bold, Heavy Metal Break My Impact.  Electronica with synth stabs hammer away with hypnotic force—“The Twilight Zone” has definitely grown up in this abstract haunter.  Use it in sci-fi productions from inter-gallactic club scenes to the march of the 21st  (or 31st) century stormtroopers.

Ominous Dark Mother Dub opens with monster steps guaranteed to terrify as only electronic affectations devoid of melody can.  A pulsating, futuristic beat follows, somber with surprisingly gentle strings, yet maintaining its piercing, experimental edge.

Step Into the Mainline from an initial quirky groove, building one synthetic instrument at a time into a dark, suspenseful web worthy of taking the action into terrifying territory.  However innocently it starts, there’s no mistake some seriously fierce, ominous events are right here in your face.

Dubstep takes an upbeat turn in striving track, Perpetual Need. It sucks you in with a catchy Trance-Dance club-style synth, then gets its hooks into you with extreme electronic machinations.  The track seesaws back again to a relatively light, energetic interlude, then pummels you again with futuristic fierceness.

Extreme sinister lead foretells uncertain dread in The Sin.  Then Dub elements ratchet in with piercing shards of sound, and synthesizer terrors explore the inevitable darkness of brooding, intense scenes. 

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Other-worldly tones combined with electronic experimental outings ratchet up the tension in Smartsound’s new release Dubstep.  Designed for contemporary visual applications, this album steps in whenever you need to shatter complacency with unease, uncertainty and the ominous feel of doom.

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