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Paul Christian Gordon brings us the refreshing compositions of SmartSound’s new release Indie Pop.  Paul has worked with Goo Goo Dolls, Lisa Marie Presley, Prince, The B-52’s, Eric Clapton, Danielle Brisebois, Mandy Moore, and a host of others. Gordon’s live Indie Band sound is tight and energetic, full of offbeat fun and quirky turns.

Add sunny atmosphere with happy, positive All the Time.  

Featured New Release — Indie Pop

All The Time

Below The Radar

Don’t Wait For Me

Generation Gap

Head Held High

It’s serene, joyful presentation weaves electric guitar, cheerful vocals and string accents for a rhythmic Indie Rock bed.  Commercials and Corporate (of the spa variety) videos get the right touch with this charming track.

Turning to Ballad style, the album takes a quieter tone, though still confident and inspiring, in Don’t Wait for Me.  ‘Cause I’m going places,’ might be the subtitle to this expansive Indie Rock track.  Use it to hit the emotional high point of the story.  Piano takes center stage to drive the rhythm forward.

Very strong guitar highlights, with a little sliding steel effect grace striving Head Held High.  Pop Rock in style, it easily moves from a nostalgic scene in the not-too-distant past, to the hopeful nature of a better future to come. 

We really like strutting Just Say Hey.  It’s bluesy Classic Rock ambience dresses up a bold small-town scene, maybe at the local Cowgirl Bar, or wherever the dancing’s upbeat and stompin.’  Bluesy licks and Rock/Pop band breakouts are sprinkled with just a few sly nods to the latest electronic flutters.

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Hard Rock joins the Indie party in edgy Ready or Not.  Electric Guitar takes some turns that would have made a 70’s rocker proud.  Raw intensity drives this energetic piece forward.  If there were such a thing as 21st century surfer movies Ready or Not would bridge the gap from old to new.

With vocal accents and backgrounds that lend a Pop feel, Smartsound’s new release Indie Pop gives you a host of lively, upbeat sound options.  Using the Mood Mapping feature in Sonicfire Pro you can tune the tone to go more Indie or more Pop.

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