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Electronic royalty free music gives the widest range of expression of any genre, since any music ever recorded can be reproduced to perfection, then mixed and matched in infinite variations with the flip of a switch.  The temptation could exist to just play with all that possibility and never really come up with anything fresh and original. 

But SmartSound Royalty Free Music never suffers from this trivialization of song, with every track designed to explore and adapt the cohesive whole around your visual creativity. 

Tongue-in-cheek Degrees in Cool from album Kool Kitch is a case in point.  This hip, relaxed track graduates from ultra laid back—the jazz of electronic, to hypnotic beat to catchy dance beat, and back again.  In true Jazz Combo style, the piano takes a turn, and background voices whispering  “wait a minute” invite you to chill out in a space-age lounge.  This trance-dance track would find a cool home in Commercials, or teen movies.

Taking off in a different direction entirely, Deserted City from Ambient Drama, draws out the electronic tension for TV/Film Drama, evoking a desolate feeling at worst,  uncertain at best.  Venture into an unforgiving night with this mysterious, investigative track, or dramatize a scene where the internal landscape gradually shows nothing is as it seems.

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Degrees In Cool

Deserted City

Dark Thoughts

Broken Beat

Spaghetti Westcoast

Crime Scene’s sinister, brooding Dark Thoughts takes no detours—pure dread from beginning to end, from ominous throbbing bass dragging the story into the muck, to doomed attempts by piano to lighten it up.  Studio orchestra, piano, and strings create non-stop tension and unresolved suspense.

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Then, just like that, Electronic Royalty Free Music goes light-hearted with a track from the album of the same name, Light-Hearted with leisurely, ethereal Broken Beat. 

Alternating between fast, sleek percussion with flute accents thrown in, with the beat fading back to half volume, then suspended altogether; this relaxed soothing background still manages to let you know it’s there—ideal for Corporate/Industrial footage, TV commercials, or when sipping on a cocktail in a Miami beach club.

Switching coasts for a moment see if the Rodeo Drive cowboy strolling down Santa Monica Pier in his new flashy hand-tooled boots doesn’t come to mind, thanks to Spaghetti Westcoast, from Downtown Mix.  You can definitely hear the (electronic?) harmonica in there, for one of the most unusual fusions ever—cowboy goes electronica.  Hip hop beats and Western elements add a pulsating touch to your New West/desert documentary

Electronic royalty free music from SmartSound uses the same elements to convey any hypnotic mood from oh, so smooth, mellow, and soothing to haunting, uncertain, and downright disturbing.  Use it to wrap retro elements into a modern theme, and mesmerizing your rapt audience.


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