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A strong, well-produced album of tracks all created with the intent of taking your audience to a brighter, more fulfilling, engaging and happier place. Thrive offers a striking variety of styles under the rubric of its singular focus – from simple acoustic guitar-vocal driven tracks to jangly guitar styles to fully orchestrated themes with inspiring horns and soaring strings – and everything in between, this one album covers a lot of stylistic territory! And, of course all the tracks feature our Multi-Layer capabilities giving you maximum control over every musical aspect with Sonicfire Pro’s powerful customization features.

Tracks On The Album


Gentle chimes, bells and driving percussion soar with enchanting strings toward a mystical destiny.

Great Strides

Carefree electronica keys and complex drumming create a blustering, swaggering, up-tempo, energetic groove with flowing synth and strings.

Starting At The Top

Melodic chimes and a tender piano introduce dynamic and lively strings dancing to uniquely creative and rivaling rock patterns.

Big Smile

Folksy guitar, light vocals and breezy strings create a warm, inspiring danceable tune with an exceptionally happy and joyful beat.

Rev Up

Driving, positive guitar chords add layers of synthesizers for an irrepressible beat that leads into soaring brass culminating in a sweeping celebration.

We Are Together

Fast electric guitar strumming and hard hitting drums offer a toe-tapping, body bouncing, happy and inspiring track ideal for any hopeful or joy-filled scene.

Inner Power

Electric piano, synth effects, profound strings, a driving cello, sweet bells, percussion—all crescendo into an immense orchestral piece racing across the screen as a soaring, grandiose and theatrical composition.

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Ambitious Plan

Charming, smooth piano chords offer depth and bravado as a riveting brass section rises fiercely with dramatic ebbs and flows for a score of incomparable grandeur.

Will To Succeed

Striving electric guitar and sweet piano licks combine with a flourishing French horn and complex, booming percussion in this rolling meter of a track.

Sky Walker

Electric guitar and synthesizer effects reminiscent of The Cars offer a bouncy, pulsating rock track with a lively, feel-good theme.


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