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SmartSound has a wide selection of Royalty Free Music for your news programming.  Choosing your News Intro Music may be the most important; after all you only get that one chance to make a first impression.  When choosing your News Intro Music we recommend looking at some of our more intense news music. 


Featured News Intro Music

Green Time

Attack Zone

In Depth Alt


Green Time from the album Core Evolution uses electric guitar and drums to embody that action rock sound, perfect for a sports news show.  For more orchestra centered music that still speaks in a sports tone, choose something like Attack Zone from the album Classic Sports.  This track is a little slower in tempo when compared to Green Time, but it is still bold and energetic. News Intro Music like these tracks can keep the excitement alive and draw that attention back in well after the game is over.

For a more serious and dramatic news show listen to In Depth Alt. from the album Headlines / Corporate / Dramatic (PS03). This track grips the listener with its deep and forceful, yet modern sound.  While on the other end of the spectrum is Prosperous Now from the album Headlines / Corporate / Dramatic (PS03).  This intro is more upbeat using a brass section for its main focus.  This is more appropriate for a day time news show or one geared toward celebrity news.

Using a drum sequence followed by the rock band and guitar sound, like in Paparazzi from the album Headlines / Corporate / Dramatic (PS03), is a classic news intro.  With its strong and lively mix, this can be used for almost any type of news programming.  This track and others similar to it have a versatility that makes choosing a news intro much easier without sacrificing an effective sound to attract that audience.

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The tracks on SmartSound’s News Intro Music will fit any desired sound needed to entice listeners and create that dramatic and bold feeling that will motivate viewers to stay tuned.  The large selection of Royalty Free Music for a news intro allows you to not only set the desired mood or emotion; you can literally choose how intense you want that emotion to be.

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