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Nova Page was born to sing. By thirteen, she was writing and recording jingles for local and national marketing campaigns. However, after years of being told by industry types where, how, and what she should sing, she was so discouraged by the process that she vowed that she would never sing again.

Fortunately for SmartSound clients, the encouragement she got from her support system kept her moving towards sharing her talents, now showing up in numerous TV shows around the world.  SmartSound’s release Nova Page and 21 AD finds her unique bluesy, indie-pop voice again fronting for 21 AD, with an outstanding performance that picks up where the previous album, Pandemic, left off. 

Featured Nova Page & 21AD



Like The Tears

My Next Blue Moon

Our Last Rendezvous

The album leads off with Pop Rock-style Fire a beautiful, light-rock tune reminiscing about a former relationship.  Even though the lyrics speak with touching, bittersweet-ness, there’s a reflective, heartwarming tone, as though the memory brings a gentle smile rather than a broken heart.

“Will you be My Next Blue Moon?” speaks of that perfect love from the hopeful side, still tantalizingly possible yet to come, instead of in the past. This driving, Indie Rock romantic cut pairs the Nova Page’s vocals with electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and piano.

“You walk through the fire, but it makes you bright…You shine, you shine—bright!” Shine — overcoming, and standing out from the rest gets you in motivating motion in this upbeat, rockin tune. 

My favorite’s the chugging guitars and lavish percussion backing up Page’s  energetic vocals in The Secret Life, an upbeat pop-rock track about sharing a special love.

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Tender piano melody backs up an emotional song about the choices we make in You Write Your Story.  A profound message “As you struggle to pick the right, Every choice has a price” juxtaposes with heartwarming lines like “Put your best foot forward—Chasing tails and butterflies.”  Don’t expect to be lulled, this one keeps a lively pace in Rock/Pop Band style.

Take advantage of Sonicfire Pro’s Mood Mapping feature, available with any Voxation album to automatically duck or mute the vocals, then bring them back in at exactly the right moment to give your story line dramatic punch.

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