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Another superb-quality orchestral album from Artist Series composer, Francisco Becker. This time we get his classy and sophisticated take on music ideal for comedic settings of all sorts. Brimming with infectious comedic themes, this album covers pretty much any humorous, light-hearted backdrop imaginable including: hectic screwball, light-activity, comedic-suspense, the unsteady character, tongue-in-cheek tango, goofy moments and more. As usual for Mr. Becker, these rich, orchestral, Multi-Layer tracks give you access to all of SmartSound’s technology benefits for the kind of creative control you can only get from SmartSound.

Booming Town

Riveting orchestral strings and percussion create an energetic track rife with imaginative whimsical bells, whistles and strings for a fun, fast, toe-tapping song.

Challenging Puzzle

Trombone, honeyed strings and a rolling snare propel this hearty and confident track to a comical ending.


Take a bow with this delightfully silly song sprightly silver flute and weeping accordion in the midst of a spirited orchestra.

Francisco’s Cha Cha

A wild slapstick with its resounding whack and an acoustic piano and flute filter through this goofy, silly track ideally suited for a funny scene.

Magical Fate

This infectious song booms out of the gate with a lively, percussive beat that highlighting the elements of suspense, suspense, tension and intrigue.

Shopping Frenzy

Rich percussion, brass and bells introduce a riveting and driving tune with valleys and crescendos heralding a heros woes and adventures.

Tanguito Molto

Comedy abounds as silly strings pluck out a cheerful tune with the accompaniment of brass, strings and a driving synth boasting special effects.

Tipsy Cat

A bellowing tuba, uplifting strings and a playful banjo announce a cheerful and silly tune complete with slapsticks, ringing bells and booming brass.

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Undercover Operation

Pick up the pace with this lively, quirky tune loaded with unusual instruments which dance rhythmically around a captivating bass line.

Whimsical Adventure

This perky soundtrack with oboe, chimes and snare is driving, pulsing, energetic, funny, and whimsical as it runs playfully along with a chipper flute announcing the way.

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