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50 Shades of Fantasy

Word is you’re looking for some Orchestral Fantasy music. Say what? Say yes to music that soothes the soul, sets the heart aflame and conjures visions of mystical lands. Fantasy music is whimsical, haunting, and full of wonder, merriment and magic. Discover a rich and satisfying blend of silver flute, violoncello, celeste and keys that bring fictional worlds to life. Fantasy Music lends itself well to dozens of production types whether cinematic or documentary in nature, fantasy video games, films longing for an ancient, medieval feel or an epic commercial. Check out a few of these fantasy tracks and let us know what you think.

Featured Orchestral Fantasy Music

Raindrop Dance


World Traveler

Dramatic Sensation

Epic Fantasy

Raindrops on Water

Give a whirl to Raindrop Dance on the album Magical Moments and you will love the bold and elegant orchestral strings and the inspiring and passionate keys that make this track feel refreshing and hopeful. Next up on the album is The Illusionist with delicate, fresh piano trills that are heartwarming and inspiring as they blossom into dramatic etherealness. The cut World Traveler is cinematically tranquil with celeste, acoustic guitar, violin and violoncellos making this cheerful and inspirational orchestral piece ideal for a surreal, mystical, outdoorsy scene.

Need Air?

A Breath of Fresh Air holds the keys to the orchestral fantasy track Dramatic Sensation—an epic march with a big bang  ideal for big budget trailers and main features. It’s fierce and heroic with its bold, dramatic and ominous orchestral music that’s tense and suspenseful as it marches powerfully along.  Don’t miss Epic Fantasy from the album Beauty & Strength rife with dark, brooding, intensity heralded by strings, horns and keys. It’s haunting, menacing and perfect for adding suspense to your visuals.

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You’ll find the perfect royalty-free background music for your projects when searching for Orchestral Fantasy Music in the SmartSound library. Our technology allows you to control the intensity of the live strings, acoustic guitars and piano to further sensationalize your scenes and put the shine on your project.

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