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Think orchestral music has no place in sports? Think again. The pounding sounds of entire orchestra can be the most intimidating music out there with the right notes (Think “O Fortuna”). SmartSound has a large collection of orchestral music that is sure to get any sports crowd pumped up.

Featured Orchestral Sports Music

Next Steps to Success

March of Victory

Olympic Bed

Promised Land

Champions Lane

Broad emotion and high powered energy define this album of ‘big’ tracks produced for orchestra, chorus, heavy percussion and effects. The music from Amotz Plessner & Friends Vol 5 – Rise to Power ascends from percolating underscore to the heights of cinematic action. In it, Next Steps to Success is an emotionally positive and ever-building score that compliments trailers, or as an epilogue at the end of a film.

March of Victory will not only be what your favorite team does is also describes this great track title: A proud orchestral fanfare to help those major announcements and intros. Its album, Epic & Fanfare is perfect for sports and games; define the venue, announce the winners and losers, tell the stories and the back stories. Timing Control will allow you to align key musical highlights with each critical moment.

Victory over an opponent, this positive, uplifting piece named Olympic Bed welcomes home the victorious hero with featured brass and woodwinds. Its album, Orchestral Drama – Light and Dark (PS65), has music varying from warm and poignant to heroic suspense, a broad emotional range is supported with these fully orchestrated cues.

Scoring Essentials features music ideal for creating striking and evocative cinematic moods. Inspired by the greatest in major contemporary film scores, these pieces exemplify what soundtrack creation is all about. One of its majestic cuts, Promised Land, is big and bold, without being boisterous. Its powerful, orchestral sound combines with angelic vocals to create a piece that’s strong enough for an opening theme or a climactic moment.

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Finally, take a stroll down Champions Lane – a track that’s big and bold, this inspiring orchestral work can support any momentous ceremony of honor. Its album, Olympic Moments (PS45) has Music for world stage sporting events, documentaries and video journalism. Included are narrative cues, big orchestrations for main titles, and the victory platform, plus backgrounds for intense training and the back stories. We cover all the bases with this one.

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