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SmartSound’s orchestral TV music adds depth and dimension to the medium, which can be lighter than big screen movie fare.  Call on the orchestra to make any scene majestic or ground it in a certain importance, regardless of the overall tone of the scene, from intensely serious to just barely there.

The foe gathers slowly and stealthily at first in Enemy Swarm with descriptive variations like “Lurk,” “Get Out,” and “Scramble” from Final Countdown.  This track is good for the slow buildup of tension, and is designed, like others in the album to create an ominous yet unobtrusive background. 

Featured Orchestral TV Music

Enemy Swarm

A Child’s Sadness

Angular Shadows

Kids Day Out

Once Upon A Time

A Child’s Sadness is extra tragic when the little ones have no experience to know that a desolate situation will eventually wind down.  Craig Stuart Garfinkle Vol 1 — Emotive & Dramatic portrays that endless feeling with drawn out slow string music and a feeling of going on forever.  Subtract various elements from the score using the SmartSound advantage for an even greater sense of aloneness and despair.  Suitable for Tribute/Memorial as well as drama.

From the same album Angular Shadows adds acoustic guitar and portrays more of a bittersweet ambience.  In contrast to the previous selection, it definitely mixes in some more cheerful passages, with just a hint of uncertainty.  Will the new beloved stand fast, or trickle away?

For a complete orchestral change of pace, Sunday Matinee’s Kids’ Day Out brings out dancing marimbas to join the orchestra in a carefree, whimsical romp.  Either scenes of mischief making or the tinies running unfettered through wide open spaces are where this track belongs.  Every drama needs a few light-hearted scenes for comic relief.

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A slightly more serious orchestral outing dwells in Once Upon a Time from the same album, with glockenspiel, strings and percussion.  Back up a TV drama with a light touch for older kids with this gentle mystical track. 

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