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Like a modern rancher that keeps track of her herd by GPS and laptop, Outdoorsy Royalty Free Music from SmartSound combines the refreshing vibe of the big outdoors with instruments used in new and confident ways. 

Featured Outdoorsy Royalty Free Music

Less Traveled

Days Gone By

Operation Desert

The Wayfarer

Big Hearts

For Corporate Communication of a company that prides itself on stepping out of the mold, New Age Ensemble synthesizer and piano flow along the path Less Traveled in an airy, uplifting score from Discovery.  Solid percussion backs up the synthesizer in departures that keep listeners wondering just what instrument’s making that sound, riveting enough to keep their attention on the intriguing subject of the video, whatever it be.

Is it ocarina? Recorder?  Days Gone By from Pop Culture keeps you guessing.  Its dreamy strains retain a Rock/Pop Band presence, even while providing a nostalgic, relaxed atmosphere suiting for framing On Hold music or other easy-going productions. 

Jump way across the globe for outdoorsy in another continent.  From album Intrigue & Tension, haunting Operation Desert brings out Ethnic Flute and Ethnic Ensemble for a quiet but suspenseful evening in North Africa.  This strong, if restrained cinematic power partner backs up drama and suspense worthy of Indiana Jones. 

A tireless whistler keeps the pace brisk for The Wayfarer from Fun Times.  Acoustic guitar is just as driving, in a Western-flavored track great for Indie Films or Commercials.  Try Vagabond, Lonesome or Dusty Trail variations, though there doesn’t seem to be much lonesomeness for this cowboy.  He’s a v. cheerful sojourner, for sure!

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Straight from Nashville Pickin’ outdoorsy goes Southern with Big Hearts.  Country band with piano and fiddle kick up their heals in a charming Country/Folk production perfect for a cheerful Nature or Documentary piece, or any joyful scene taking place south of the Mason-Dixon. 

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