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Heat it Up Earthy, ethereal and hypnotic music arranged by composer Michael Reinmuller on the album Captivating Portraits evokes images of powerful passions. Tender desires are revealed in Strength in Tears—a soft, gentle, breathy track evolving into a passionate, processional tune. The album Power Play is another champ with A New Era which you’ll appreciate for its energetic, hopeful and inspirational beat. Tunes like A New Era are ideal for commercials, indie films, nature or corporate communications when you need warm, confident feel for scenes.

Magical MomentsWe’ve got a fantastic album in the library we believe is perfect for you and it’s Magical Moments, an orchestral offering with haunting, whimsical music that’s at once uplifting and also pensive. Try the track Majestic Vision for inspiring, motivating and passionate music that soars touchingly. Also enjoy Magical Encounter, another elegant, expansive and heartwarming piece. Consider this for a nature documentary with its earthy, panoramic feel. Flute, oboe and percussion dramatically increase this production’s tempo. And Raindrop Dance is exciting, bold and effervescent as it bubbles forth magically and passionately from the depths of a grand orchestra.

Electro Drama from the album Ultra Pop is a poignant instrumental which soars with an uplifting, passionate and romantic theme driven by an electronic orchestra, piano and strings. Set this to a sweeping cinematic production, commercial or indie film and win big.

No matter the style or genre of passionate music you desire, you can select upbeat, melancholy, orchestral or electronic royalty free background music from SmartSound’s award-winning library. There’s no need to be an expert sound engineer with our amazing, customizable, music technology. Some of the finest musicians on Earth create music with you in mind and we hope you enjoy the many options we offer.

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