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Positive ReflectionsOrchestral Hues is an album rich with patriotic music, including Bipartisan Artisan, a confident, dignified and inspirational track. Triumphant brass and oboe combine with soaring strings and percussion to produce an epic and inspiring march. For Love of Country flows calmly with grandeur and majesty as the orchestra offers a nostalgic, patriotic and reflective theme with a solemn and touching composition.

Valor and chivalry reign on the album Heroic Overtures with its resounding theme of honor. This collection of patriotic music ranges from anthemic and stately to punchy and uplifting. Call to Duty is an expressive track conveying a sense of readying for battle. The theme is dignified, patriotic and confident as rolling snare and crashing cymbals march this stately song heroically forward. Combined Force is another champ that’s energetic, positive and uplifting and will add a bold and confident backdrop to scenes of power, patriotism and triumph.

Freedom RingsCelebrate victory with March to Freedom, on Heroic Overtures, a celebratory patriotic tune heralding a victorious event as trumpets blare and cymbals crash. This is an uplifting, heroic and inspiring soundtrack for a hopeful theme. If you’re in need of something slow and somber, choose Stand Together where love and war marry in a rich orchestral score. Warm brass and soaring strings speak of hope, hearts and triumph in this patriotic, processional theme.

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