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Shuffle on the Open RoadInner City Shuffle has it all going on; head, hands, feet and more are all shuffling to this perky, spirited track that bounces gaily along; ideal for driving a moving scene. The album Open Road also features Open Spaces, an indie-rock arrangement that’s breezy, carefree and perky with a pulsating pop-rock beat.

What’s Cookin’!Perky and feisty unite in Mixed Greens, an energetic, happy, tongue-in-cheek track from the album Home Cooking. You’ll like this album with its snappy numbers and jazzy backdrops. Mixed Greens has that old-time feel as it delivers a hot, swinging jazz number with a wild and feisty fiddle and a spirited clarinet. It’s ideal for a raucous comedy scene, hilarious home video or upbeat jazz production. A cheerful clarinet and trumpet shine on Hot Plate, another rollicking jazz track on Home Cooking. Hot Plate’s exceptional composition features layers of old-fashioned fun and nostalgia in this lively, cheerful and upbeat track. Also, check out Table for Two and Second Helping on this spendid album.

Silly & SweetKid’s productions often require comical, perky, wacky and whimsical music and the album Goofy, Silly & Sweet delivers tracks meant to feel new and old at the same time. If your message is simple, silly or fun, score it with the lighthearted, upbeat tune Bouncy Fanfare, featuring big band sounds with huge brass, flute and a boisterous tuba. Quirky Melodies kicks it up another ten notches with accordion and brass that just keep the comedic action rollicking.

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